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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing tax refund check ripped

Instructions and Help about tax refund check ripped

It's the stimulus package to bail you out of that holiday spending debt income tax refund season is upon us and Walmart is making a power play to bring in more customers the program is called direct to cash and it allows customers to receive their income tax refund from Walmart instead of cashing a check or waiting for it in the mail the program is open to those expecting up to $7,500 here's how it works customers who decide to use the program go to one of 25,000 tax preparers around the country your H&R block's Jackson Hewitt set cetera and they file your taxes then the tax preparer sends a confirmation code to your email customers bring the email and an ID to Walmart which then pays you in cash the fee for those without a checking account and looking to cash the refund check can be extremely high more than two percent of the total the Walmart program only charges a seven dollar fee but the potential catch of the new program is paying the tax preparer which on average costs about two hundred and forty six dollars according to the National Society of accountants if you make less than fifty three thousand dollars a year you can get this service for free Walmart cause this program a win-win offering customers an efficient and cheaper way to get their money and putting more customers in the tax repair offices and Walmart I owes money quotes Daniel Eckhart the senior vice president for Walmart's services it's always a good thing to have customers and our stores who have jingles in their wallets and their pockets Walmart's director cash program is just the latest venture for America's largest retail giant which has struggled with growth as of late it's seen seven straight quarters without sales growth in 2021 and 14 say goodbye to big banks and their big fees back in September Walmart announced gobank its new checking account service for Walmart customers that doesn't charge overdraft fees then in October Walmart plunged headfirst into health care by putting health insurance agents in more than half of its Us stores to try to help customers signup the director cash program began Tuesday and will run through tax season for nosy I'm Jamal Andress you.