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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Tax refund check stolen and cashed

Instructions and Help about Tax refund check stolen and cashed

By a bank counter in Cobb County trying to get that a 94 million dollar refund Georgia Department of Revenue Special Investigations Chief Josh wait it doesn't matter if it's 94 dollars or 94 million dollars we're going to go after you and hold you accountable says after brigitte jackson allegedly tried to flim-flam the state into paying her a bogus ninety four million dollar tax refund investigators flim-flam her into showing up at a bank in a supermarket to pick up a ninety four million dollar refund check whereupon agents arrested her five charges including attempted theft by taking and conspiracy to defraud the state wait says miss Jackson's cousin Darius white like her claim ninety nine million dollars in income tried to claim a mammoth refund and faces the same charges though and what turned out to be a former address agents and police did not find wait who wait says is already on felony probation detection manager Kendra Carroll told us she spoke to a man who identified himself as Darius white by phone about his alleged refund request earlier this week do are financial fraud analyst Tamiko harris says a call from Brigitte Jackson was routed to her earlier this month you'll receive your refund and 7 to 14 business days okay thank you so glad you're happy you were wait says the suspects kept calling in to check on their refunds and that's how the recordings got made and it contributed to the ability to bring criminal charges now Darius white if you're out there I'd love to hear your side you can email me at marked up Linnea wsbtv.com or call the newsroom reporting live mark winning channel 2 Action News I'm just wondering the thought process of thinking that 94 million I just can't get there mark but thank you for bringing us that.


My IRS refund check was stolen and cashed, and the Treasury’s Check Claims Department is giving me the run-around. How can I expedite the fraud claim process?
For context:Three months after receiving word that my accountant had overpaid and that I would be receiving a refund plus interest, I still hadn’t received the check. I called the IRS, who placed a trace on the check and found that it had been cashed.They included the images of the check’s endorsement: My name was literally spelled wrong, and it was signed in the exact same handwriting of another person’s name beneath it (presumably the individual that stole my check).I went through the whole process. I filled out a claims form, provided handwriting samples and supporting documents. I showed how I always sign using my Russian nickname, in Russian script, whereas this individual signed my (misspelled) English name in English script. I gave other examples of other checks I’ve signed. I gave ample extra printed handwriting for their analysis.(I even did a WhitePages search and found an individual by the same name that was used to endorse my check who lives three blocks from my apartment!)I’ve now received three requests for extra handwriting samples, which I’ve sent back every time, and all of my phone calls to the hotline number they provided go on ringing forever.This evening, I was on hold until the line was finally picked up, and then I was immediately disconnected. I called back again to get a recorded notice that I was calling after hours• they closed at 5:30PM, and without exaggerating, it was 5:11pm.This is one of the most blatant examples of check fraud, and one of the most willingly stonewalling and incompetent investigations I’ve ever been privy to.What can I do to get the Treasury department to stop throwing me around? Would filing a police report help?
I'm still waiting for my 2022 tax refund of $1,019. Both the original and settlement checks were both stolen and cashed. I've done everything I've been asked to do. Why is it that when I call the IRS Treasury hotline for updates, I get the runaround?
Call the taxpayer advocate office. if the IRS is not helping you through normal channels and you are not getting anywhere, then your rights have been violated. The specific rights at issue are:The right to be informed.The right to quality service.Call them at 1-877-777-4778.My suggestion is that for future refunds, have them made by direct deposit. So much faster and safer than a paper check.
Will Walmart cash a federal refund check, made out to me and my ex-husband without him signing?
I can only add that the reason they won’t do it is the same reason you want them to do this. You don’t want to share the proceeds.As I mentioned in many posts, Claims and/or Chargebacks of Treasury checks take forever to come back. This even can be measured in years. Institutions including banks have little no defense and have to eat the loss. Especially in this case Walmart can be critiqued in conversion of funds in not respecting each parties right to equal access of these funds.I doubt they would do it if both are present either. Banks are even stingy with the rules on this and require the check be deposited only into a joint account with matching title
Is it illegal to have one person sign a joint tax refund check when it is made out to him "and" me? Are both signatures required?
Two endorsements are required. Banks won’t even cash that if it isn’t deposited into a joint account of both parties
What do I do if I had a check stolen? I had a check from work for $2,000+ written out to me stolen and the person tried to cash it at the bank is drawn from. The bank refused to cash it but what can I do about it and recover the check?
You can contact the drawer of the check, and tell them that it has been stolen. They can put a stop order on the check with the bank to prevent it from being paid. This will eliminate any liability to them, and so they can issue you a new check.You may have to pay a fee for this (typically around $20).
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