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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How do i get a check reissued

Instructions and Help about How do i get a check reissued

Hey fellow QuickBooks users this is Debbie kilts heimer I live in Port Orange Florida I'm an advanced certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and here's my trick on how to reprint a payroll check first off why would you even want to bother reprinting a payroll check well first you want your employee to be paid but secondly you need to make sure the dating is proper so here it is October and I have an employee Elizabeth come to me and says that she washed her paycheck in her jeans from the paycheck dated 917 now being that it's October 16th I've already paid my payroll tax liabilities for September and based on the fact that I paid her in September the fact she didn't cash the check and now I have to reissue another one if I dated the check for today guess what I have my payroll taxes are going to be wrong for September including the 941 and the UTC six for the state of Florida that I've already submitted so it really is good to reprint the paycheck on the original date that was issued so here's how to do it let's find that paycheck was 917 it was checked number four zero two and all I'm going to do is check the to be printed box will soar make the 402 disappear now I'm going to reprint it again and the next check number in my sequence is check number 501 so I'm going to click print ok I'm going to print it out I'm not changing the date it's stilt at all I'm changing is the check number I click OK and it changes to 501 save and close everything's good hand her her paycheck she's on her merry way but there's one last thing that I want to do because being the anal accountant that I am I like to keep track of all my voided checks and here 402 is now not in the system anymore so if I ever want to see you know five years from now what happened to that check number 402 I can go to banking write checks it was written to Elizabeth it was checked number four zero two it was four zero amount but why did I write it I wrote it replaced check with check number 501 due to washing machine incident and I'm going to throw it into the famous office supplies not that it's going to affect that account at all I could really put it anywhere but you know how we use off applies to put in anything we don't know where it goes but since it's zero it really doesn't matter but the debits equal the credits even with zero I'm going to make this a class of my expenses for my accounting practice click Save and close check is there done and that's my tip and trick on what to do when you have to reprint a payroll check.

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