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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing ct tax forms 2018-2021

Instructions and Help about ct tax forms 2018-2021

Laws dot-com legal forms guide form CT - 1040x amended Connecticut income tax return for individuals Connecticut full year and part year residents and non-residents use a form CT - 1040x - am and an initially filed state income tax return this document is obtained from the website of the government of the state of Connecticut step 1 if you filed on a fiscal rather than calendar year basis enter its beginning and ending date to the top of the form step 2 and - your name and social security number prthe same information for your spouse if filing jointly step 3 give your mailing address if your city Town and zip code of residence is different enter it below pryour telephone number as well step 4 indicate your filing status on both your original return and thus amended return with checkmarks check the box where indicated if you are filing this amended return as a result of federal adjustments or adjustments made by another state check the applicable boxes if filing a form CT - 1040 CR C or C T - 83-79 step 5 lines 1 through 23 require you to complete three columns in column a enter the originally reported or last adjusted amount in column B and to the net increase or decrease between the original and corrected figures in column C and to the corrected figures enter your federal adjusted gross income on line one step 6 if you have any additions complete lines 31 through 39 and schedule one on the second page transfer the value from line 39 to line 2 on the frontpage add lines one and two and enter the sum on line three if you have any subtractions complete lines 40 through 50 in schedule one transfer the value from line 40 to line four on the first page subtract line four from line three and into the difference on line five step 7 only non-residents and part-year residents should complete line six through nine all filers must compute their tax liability on lines 10 through 30 and explain the reasons for filing an amended return on the second page to watch more videos please make sure to visit laws dot-com.