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If India is so good, why do Indians leave India?
I would answer that using two words -”MOUKA” (Opportunities) and “THAPPA” (Seal of approval).But wait! There is more.Apart from obvious reasons of high-pay and opportunities, let me add a few more points, quoting examples of people who actually migrated from India.Who is he? - Venkatraman ramakrishnanWhat did he accomplish? - Awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry for “studies of the structure and function of the ribosome.”What would he be doing had he stayed in India? - Would have probably become a researcher in a central institute, but would never have got his research funded “because he is a chemist and ribosome is a topic of biology.”Who is he? - V S NaipaulWhat did he accomplish? - Awarded Nobel Prize in literature.What would he be doing had he stayed in India? - Struggling to get his work published. Probably also being ridiculed behind the back for claiming that his works far far supersedes those of the Chetan Bhagat.Who is he? - Dr. Har Gobind Khorana:What did he accomplish? - Awarded Nobel Prize in medicine for “Interpretation of the genetic code and its function in protein synthesis”What would he be doing had he stayed in India? - Probably a professor in one of our universities, checking practical copies and complaining about “the system” for not giving sufficient funds for a project.Who is he? - Amartya SenWhat did he accomplish? - Awarded Nobel Prize in Economics for “his contributions to welfare economics.”What would he be doing had he stayed in India? - Would have made his parents proud for working in a “stable, well-paying government job” as an accountant in a bank.Who is he? - S ChandrasekharWhat did he accomplish? - Awarded Nobel Prize in Physics "For his theoretical studies of the physical processes of importance to the structure and evolution of the stars”What would he be doing had he stayed in India - A professor in a university, perhaps a popular one because he could not only solve each and every numerical but could tell exactly which book it was from, which chapter and even page number.In short, we don’t get the opportunities, the infrastructure and the flexibility in India as compared to west.I never mean any disrespect to any of the laureates or to my country, what I want to say is that there are perhaps hundreds of Amartya Sen and S Chandrasekhar out there, who are forced everyday to kill their dreams and get settled.Once you go to west, you can’t be pressurized to follow the beaten path.You are ENCOURAGED to look at things from a different perspective. And a “stable, secure life” is NOT encouraged. Risk takers are NOT frowned upon.But apart from the obvious I would put one more reason - RECOGNITION.Yes, at times that “THAPPA” from the west creates more impact than all your qualities, your dedication and your good nature put together, even to your closest ones.Remember this man?Of course you do.Did you know him before 2022 when he got that “THAPPA” of Nobel?Wasn’t he working already?Aren’t we supposed to know him because he lives among us?WhyArre THAPPA yaar THAPPAPerhaps this is why “NRI Ladka” is such a fad among upper middle class fathers looking for bridegrooms for their daughters.Forget Mr. Satyarthi, do you know this man?Whenever I talk to someone about Swami Vivekananda, the first thing people mention is his Chicago Address.Seriously? Among all his contribution to philosophy, the only thing people find worthwhile is an address to Americans.I am sure it was phenomenal, but see, even Swami Vivekananda’s biggest accomplishment is his “THAPPA” from west.Forget even him, remember this man?One of the greatest man to walk on the Earth.Do you know that his methods were unique and he was the one who made our freedom struggle mass-based and not limited to elites.But do you know one of the reasons he was able to gain such a wide popularity in congress ranks, so soon after his return from Africa in 1915, was “his contribution and works in Africa.”I am sure Mahatma Gandhi would have been a great figure even without those credentials. He would have eventually achieved the respect and recognition he deserved.But even for him the “THAPPA” acted as a launch pad, even if it was not from west.Need I say more?Edit 1: BTW this was Saurabh Kumar RoyI am sure you will find my other answers insightful as well.Saurabh Kumar Roy's answer to Why is Narendra Modi making more foreign visits?
What are the best travel hacks?
Always roll your clothes, don't fold them. You'll find a world of space.Don't carry more clothes than you need. Keep it to a bare minimum.Use the app called Showaround. It's of immense help if you'd like to explore.Don't carry large amounts of cash. Credit/Debit cards are safer. In case you get mugged, you can always contact your card service provider.Try to carry as little luggage as possible. You want to enjoy traveling, not have back pain.If your devices have removable batteries, carry 2–4 extra fully charged batteries with you.Don't use hotels, use airbnb, or find places of worship that are open 24 hours. People are always welcome there.Try to be as close to the airports as possible. You can buy fully refundable first class tickets, eat from the lounge, and refund your ticket. It's unethical I know, don't bash me.Don’t wear sports shoes. Wear shoes that are more rugged.If you want to exchange your currency, visit as many exchanges as possible. Chances are you'll get a much better rate.Google things that identify you as a foreigner. Try your best to blend in. You'll be safer that way.Find dollar stores. You can get all your basic necessities there for a dollar or less.Eat more greens if you are constantly traveling within the country. You don't want an upset stomach.Download offline Google map of the area your visiting. Save your staying place as “Home.” You'll never get lost.Keep one of those old school Nokia phones with you. You never know when you'll run out of charge.Dont use Uber or Lyft. Walk distances that are less than 5 km. You'll get your exercise done too.Carry pepper spray with you. Once you use it, you'll know how helpful it is.Save your water bottles. You can always refill them in hospitals.If you want to eat at restaurants, visit during closing time. Prices are half then.Dont waste money on deodorants. Use vinegar.Always carry a pocket knife and a lighter. In airports, make sure they are not in your hand luggage.Use devices with higher internal memory. Sometimes you lose SD cards.People forget how important a pen is. Always carry 2 ball point pens with you. It can even serve as a defensive weapon.Stuff all your cables and small accessories inside your socks. That way you'll never lose them.Try your best to keep your expensive belongings in your hand luggage. You never know when the airport might lose your baggage.Keep scanned copies of your identity cards and passport in your email.If you can, try finding fellow travellers to the same destination. Sharing costs always helps.Don't book one way tickets. Take the longest transit stops possible, that way you can get cheaper tickets.
What has been your worst experience in a restaurant?
We booked a family meal at a nice Greek restaurant for my mother's 50th birthday.I had a big cake made in the shape of 50 which we had taken to the restaurant earlier in the day. I spoke with the owner and it was arranged that the cake would be brought out at the end of the meal. I had provided candles for them to light for me. He also said we would get a free bottle of champagne because it was a special birthday. I thought that was a nice touch.We arrived at the restaurant, my mum, brother and his wife, me and my 2 children who were 8 and 6 at the time and we ordered the meze for 6 people. A meze is a variety of small plates served over a leisurely period of time. We ordered for 6 even though the kids were young because my kids have always eaten proper meals with us, no children's menu for my kids! And you get one of each item on the meze so 6 dolmades, 6 meatballs, etc.When they started bringing the food out there wasn't enough for 6. The plates of calamari were tiny, only 4 or 5 meatballs, not enough for everyone to have even a small taste. So I asked the owner why the portions were so small. He told me it was always this way. It wasn't though. We had been before and we ordered for 6 to make sure we got enough food for everyone.Now don't take me wrong, I'm not cheap. I would gladly order extra portions but that wasn't the point. They were serving us a meze for 5 or less when we had paid £25 per head for 6.Anyway, I left it because it was my mums special day and I didn't want to cause a fuss.Then the lights dimmed and they brought the cake.We were still eating the starters! Literally had food in our mouths. What were they thinking? The cake was meant to be brought after the meal.I was so upset. I had arranged this special night and so wanted it to go well. Again, I had a word with him. He had no explanation and as an apology he offered me a bottle of champagne. The same champagne that they had promised anyway remember. So I told him that it wasn't the point. I just wanted them to get it right. Besides, the champagne was part of the meal so not an apology.My brother is seething at this point. He can see I'm upset but he didn't get involved because I asked him not to. This guys attitude was horrible and Theo probably would have punched his lights out for him.After the cake they brought the mains. It was lamb chops and they brought 4 of them. 4 chops for 6 people. How the hell are we going to share them?At this point my brother did get involved. I had taken enough and just wanted it to end. I saw him in the corner with the owner. Theo was talking calmly. I could see he was being diplomatic and I could that the owner was being aggressive and getting in his face.There was shouting and Theo marched over and said we were leaving.Ok, that's that then. No way was I paying for this nightmare evening. We sent the kids with my mum and Theos wife while we told him to get to fuck for the bill.He must have called the police before we even refused to pay because they arrived while we were arguing with him at the door.The police heard both sides and said it was a civil matter and they couldn't make us pay for the food. They asked if we would pay for the drinks. To which I replied, Yes, he needs it more than we do. Fucking peasant. I threw the £60 (Or whatever it was) on the floor and spat on the ground beside it. I called him a Turk for good measure. (Don't roast me for that. I have no issue with Turkish people but if you want to insult a Greek it's often a sure fire way to do it.)Mum's birthday was ruined but at least it's one we remember. Actually decade birthdays don't go well in my family. On my mums 40th we went for a drink in town and Theo ended up with a black eye, off my mum no less! We all went home that night in separate taxis.The restaurant closed not long after that incident.A few months ago a new Greek restaurant opened locally. My brother went with his wife only to discover the same guy owned this one too.This guy knows my dad from back in the day and asked Theo if he was related to Theo Spartiatis (Duh!)Theo is now a regular there. He said the food is amazing and he always gets a discount. Turns out that the guy doesn't even remember anything about that night. We later found out that during that period he was heavily into cocaine so probably best not to remind him.
What advice would you give to a stepmother on how to handle a difficult biological mother?
Obviously each case is different. In my case the biological mother was causing considerable financial difficulties. Before I married him he was very naive where his exwife and children were involved. She was married again but the husband controlled the finances so in order to have her own money she would tell my husband I didn’t get the child support check and he would fire off another one after checking and finding it had not been cashed. She did this on a regular basis and cash both checks. (He was very generous with the support). She would also convince his youngest son he was “sick” . Back then it was not unusual for drs to hospitalize you and “run test” then we would get horrendous bills. We had to pay what insurance didn’t. Then one day I got a letter at our home addressed to my husbands work. It had her return address on it so I wondered what the hell was going on so I opened it. Low and behold it was a form filled out telling the insurance office to make checks payable to her!!! I was furious!! No wonder we were being buried with medical bills she was getting the insurance payments not the provider. Not only that I knew from my stepson that he was also covered under her husbands insurance so I figured she was doing the same to them. Another thing she did was send a list of clothes he needed for school and expect us to get them while he was visiting.I offered to take him to goodwill. Sooooo first I went to the bank and asked what I could do about her holding checks. They told me I could fill out paperwork to have the bank not honor any check over 60 days. So I did, I notified her of the change and told her if she held a check too long it would not be honored and since we had met our obligation it would not be replaced!! Then I called my husbands job and filled them in and told them all insurance payments were to go directly to the provider not to her. She had been signing my husbands signature on the forms (she signed it exactly like my husbands signature) I also informed them she had other insurance on him. She even got her dentist to do work on her (personal friend) and bill us as though it had been done on his son. When he came for his normal visit I took him to our dentist and gave him a list of what they supposedly had done……surprise none of it had been done. I called the dentist and told him if we didn’t get a refund immediately I would report him. That he would have to get payment from her. Once we got the refund I reported him anyway!! After all that it was amazing how quickly my stepchildren’s biological mother was no longer difficult.So all I can say to you is figure out the areas she is difficult in and go from there. Good luck!!
How much of an income hit would doctors take if the US switched to a single payer/Medicare for all healthcare systems?
In my unscientific anecdotal experience (basically asking doctors I’ve known in each of Canada and the US, plus one insurance claims processor guy in the early 90s), the answer is: not much. Most US doctors earn, once you deduct the crazy malpractice insurance fees they suffer, about the same or a touch more than their Canadian counterparts.High US health care spending goes to insurers, drug companies (among the highest drug costs in the world), and the number of doctors a sick American employs, not how much each of those doctors make. (Partly to stave off malpractice claims, maladies of moderate complexity typically involve referrals to far more specialists and sub specialists—usually resulting in the very first guy’s diagnosis and treatment being confirmed.)Individual doctors are not the root cause of high health care costs.
Why does Western Union hold funds?
There are several reasons for Western Union to hold funds:The first reason is because either the sender or receiver is on the “Specially Designated Nationals List” or SDN List the Department of Treasury and FBI maintain. They get put on this list for having ties to organized crime, terrorism, narcotics trade, fraud, perpetuating scams, etc. You can see the list here: Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN). If the sender or receiver is on the list, Western Union will hold the funds and are prohibited from paying it out and will refund the sender’s money. Don’t try using a different spelling of the name because if it comes close, they will block it and they also track where the person picks the money up too and sending it to another country to avoid the system won’t work.The second reason the money could be placed on hold is because of the amount of money being sent. Anything over $1,000 will be put on hold until the sender answers additional questions required by federal law to make sure the person isn’t being defrauded, scammed, or committing some sort of wire fraud or money laundering.Another reason the money can be placed on hold is if they suspect a sender or receiver of fraud or money laundering or some sort of financial crime. Agents will call in the suspected person to Western Union and put a block on the transaction and this will kick back the funds to whoever sent the money and they will put both the sender and receiver into the system, so having someone else sending the money won’t work.Western Union will also hold transactions when they see people sending or receiving multiple transactions to the same or different people trying to avoid filling out the 8300 form the IRS needs for senders or receivers to fill out when the transactions hit $10,000. A lot of people don’t want to fill that form out and once that happens, Western Union gets notified about that and so do a lot of the agents within that area that there is a customer going around possibly doing something criminal by doing small transactions to avoid filling out that form. The penalties for a person who refuses to fill this out is a fine of $250 or 10% of what they sent if they do not go back to the business and fill it out (plus the money will be held until it is filled out), a SARS report that will be filled out on both the sender and receiver, and/or jail time for both.The agent must have called the Western Union hotline on the individuals suspecting that there is something going on with the person (even though they could have declined the transaction).These are some of the reasons why Western Union will hold transactions.
Is James Altucher program a scam?
I bought this program.TLDR: I wouldn’t call it an outright scam, but it’s probably not what you are expecting.I subscribed to the Altucher Report newsletter/Cryptocurrency Masterclass after receiving an email from Robert Kyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad guy) promoting this program and then another similar email from another person whose email list I am subscribed to. So right off the bat, I knew this was some kind of affiliate marketing program.James Altucher has a pretty interesting background and has published many books. He is also a master Internet Marketer. His marketing emails are clearly written by a skilled copywriter and definately do their job of sucking you in. He is also quite convincing in the video marketing he has done.I bought into this because I, probably like you, was interested in what he had to say about the cutting edge of cryptocurrency. So I paid the annual $50 fee for a year subscription to the Altucher Report, a monthly newsletter, and the Cryptocurrency Masterclass which is a series of six videos.After signing up, you will receive a series of emails explaining how to get the most our of your subscription. You will also get access to all of the back issues of it. You will receive access to several of his “reports” and a free book about cryptocurrency that was actually quite good for a beginner.I found the newsletters to be filled with a bunch of extraneous business material and pretty light on crypto information. This information may prove useful to some, but it was not what I was looking for. I wanted detailed coin analysis and picks. So that was a bit of a disappointment.Shortly after, I received another email for a free webinar called the 100,000% Crypto Secret. So I figured I’d check it out. Now having done a bit of Internet Marketing myself, I knew that free webinars are generally a lead magnet to a larger more expensive product. I was not wrong.After signing up, I received a series of 5 emails, 1 per day, leading up to the webinar. While there is some decent beginner level information in the webinar, it’s pretty light on real, actionable info. It was pretty vague without a lot of substance. This is, of course, because it is basically a sales pitch to another Altucher product called The Crypto Trader that you can purchase at the end of the webinar for the small sum of $4,000 (you get a $1,000 discount for signing up early bringing it to $3,000.)If you know anything about internet marketing, this marketing system is called a “funnel” and he has built quite a good one. For reference, I am attaching an image that I got from another Quora poster that shows how a sales funnel works.Clearly, I did not purchase the $3,000 program but I expect that if I did, I would eventually be pitched on a much higher priced product maybe somewhere in the $15,000 range.In the end, I requested a refund of my $50 which was granted easily. But through it all, there was not a single coin recommendation or analysis.Again, there is some good information in here for total beginners, but if you are looking for specific coin trading recommendations, either look elsewhere or prepare to pay up.
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