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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing form fda 2914

Instructions and Help about form fda 2914

Hi guys we're going to go over the FDA report how to fill it out I'm on the benzo info page and I just click access FDA consumer patience we're hurt and then did the following happen I selected a few things made the problem occurred is coming up I wasn't sure what to put there so I just put the day I found out which was unfortunately three years ago hard to know because it wasn't a one-time incident so whatever you pick is fine you can also skip that one I'm typing right now what happened and you can decide to be as lengthly or as short as you want to be some things that I'm trying to highlight are suicidal self-harm difficulty coming off that the milligrams themselves don't come in dosages that are easy to taper and the length of how long I was sick because I think if I was a governing body of medication that would be the things that I would be most concerned about so I'm just going to finish typing this up okay so the next part we're going to be going to says list element any relevant tests or laboratory data you can skip that if you didn't have any it doesn't have a red asterisk next to it so it can be skipped I chose the top one because it's about a prescription I do I sold the product I do but it doesn't matter if you don't so now we have the instructions about the products and I'm typing the name of you can put Devan Excel files limit doesn't matter I don't know the name of the company is it's not compounded it's not over-the-counter I don't care about any of that stuff with the strength you don't know the strength that doesn't matter either this part was a little confusing one tablet so that would be your prescribed instructions right there so I had got it wrong I put two but it's easy to fix so I changed it to one twice a day and I did something wrong there I should have selected milligrams it's going to tell me at the end to go back and select milligram I took it by mouth so that's what I picked I didn't really know the date so I just put that I was on it for five years what was the condition it was supposed to treat I put insomnia does the problem stop after the person reduce the dose no did the problem return I did not restart you can add another product there at the bottom if you want to and you are more than one benzo you could do that right now and I go to the next page I put person's initials female my age a skipped wait that's rude I'm not Hispanic or Latino none of these you have to answer I put white on known conditions that put none.