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Instructions and Help about form 3211

Today we'll be showing you guys how to use and refill the refillable cartridges for the brother printers right here in front of me with all the tools that we need got the end bottles the syringes with the needles and the entered refillable cartridges and the refillable cartridges you will see two plugs plug on the top and a plug at the bottom the plug on the top will be the Reaper plug and the plug at the bottom will be the air vent plug also these cartridges have chips these chips are very important because these are the auto resettable ships so once the cartridge is read empty they will Auto reset back to force once you remove the cartridges and restore alright so let's begin the rebuilding process like I said we really need to plug from the top which is the refill plug Music let's start with the sign Music we're slowly going to refill the cartridge Music ok guys so we finished refilling the cartridges today we use premium dye ink you can use whichever ink you prefer it depends on your needs you can use pigments inflamation eatable I just depends on what you want to use the printer for we also sell those type of things you can find online ink to we saw a bunch of different type of things for you guys depends on where your needs are ok so now we're going to go ahead and proceed and install the cartridges to install this cartridge is basically the same thing as the original ones forgot to do is just push them in one by one following the prompts on the screen and when you push them in just push them in firmly this is more force than usual since they're compatible they tend to use more force so you just push them in firmly and another thing is we need to remove the air vent plugs and plugs at the bottom by removing explodes we're going to allow the game things how the cartridges still flow properly so once they're installed we're just going to go ahead and close the cover as you can see the ink levels on the printer are cool everything is ready we're going to either run out of test page you Music.