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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing fda form 3794

Instructions and Help about fda form 3794

Alright so what we have here is we have a list of all the flavors the the product sheet for the FDA and in this window you're going to have a blank spreadsheet and then you're going to put the name of the shop the flavor the size and the nicotine level and you do that for each one so once you got these three windows open you're going to click here and make sure that you're on this line and you're also going to make sure that this this blank spot right here is selected so right here and right here and you're going to make sure that this is highlighted as well you're going to search for Minnie Mouse macro you can download it from sourceforge you can download it you don't need to install it or anything you just run the run the exe that you download so we're going to open this run it and then we are going to make sure so we're going to go to options program options we're going to make sure that the multi key is turned on right here because we're going to hit control C and ctrl V like copy and paste and do stuff like that quite a bit so that's good this is good everything's good i'm going to click right here make sure that you're on that spreadsheet ctrl f and Music whatever is whatever flavor you have right here to begin with you're going to make sure that it's written right here so this does absinthe and then after you've done that you are ready what I tend to do is click and make sure that this is the one that's selected because whenever the macro ends it's going to end right here so you want it to make sure that it can look pretty well hit record you click here at the top of the bar and it says replaced with you're going to click in the box hit ctrl a ctrl x where it says search for in that box click inside the box hit ctrl V and then you're going to click right here where your flavor menu list is and then you're gonna hit the down arrow or the down key a home and then you hold shift and press end that's going to select the whole line you're going to hit control C that's going to copy it click back on the top on the spreadsheet click on with the replace with hit control V and I'm going to hit alt l and that's going to replace it all if you're using XL it might be different so you might just have to click the button in general with macros you want to use as many keyboard shortcuts as possible so that is all changed so I hit control C I click over here and then I hit control V and this part is also important you're going to.