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Instructions and Help about fda form 3971

Today I am going to show you just how easy it is to report an unhealthy reaction to a personal care product to the Food and Drug Administration the FDA and unhealthier adverse reaction to your product can be anything from a simple rash or a headache to more serious impacts like hospitalization or permanent damage and reporting these reactions to the FDA is so important because it gives the FDA a heads up that a particular product might be causing health problems the FDA really wants to know because they need official reports like this in order to take action or to do further investigations the information you prcan help flag problem products and chemicals and may be use during for their inspections of the manufactures facilities while you may not see an immediate action from the FDA after filing your report over time your information combined with reports from others can really make a difference to the safety of products that we use every day so here's how it works the FDA has an online reporting system called MedWatch so to find MedWatch you can go to this URL or the easiest way is just go to any search engine and type in MedWatch online voluntary reporting system it's going to be the first link and it should pop up with this page right here top saying FDA US Food and Drug Administration so next you're going to want to head to the right side of the screen right over here to begin the report you're going to want to select the second option the consumer or a patient so go ahead and click on that now we'll get you to the first of five short pages of questions so here what kind of a problem was it I'm going to report a problem I had with the use of a feminine wash and I got a rash using it so I will click the first box for bad side effects the next did any of the following happen so under this section the form asks about any serious or life-threatening reactions these types of reactions do get priority from the FDA so this is an opportunity to flag them none of these happen to me so I will leave these boxes unchecked let's scroll down the next we'll ask for the date the problem occurred if you do not remember exactly when the problem occurred either go ahead and take a best eof when it happened or you can go ahead and leave this section blank next I will get to tell my story tell us what happened and how it happened so in this box I will say how I use a particular feminine watch and experience a terrible rash is a results and this lasted for several days so I'll let them know also that I tried using the product twice and the second time had the same rash happening again so.